Geografia kl 6 testy

geografia kl 6 testy

geografia kl 6 testy

Serological tests CRP 17.0 mg/dl KL-6 4,370 U/ml SP-D 122 ng/ml HIV-1, 2 Ab(ELISA) (+) HIV-1 Ab(WB)(+) HIV-RNA 13,000 copy/ml β-D-glucan 122 pg/ml CMV antigenemia 1/38,000 Lymphocyte subset CD4 1.0 % CD8 54.1 % Sputum culture normal flora P. carinii DNA(PCR) (+) Arterial blood gas(room air) pH 7.390 PaO2 44.6 Torr PaCO2 23.7 …

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